An instrumental journey produced on the one guitar. This album is a collection of initially improvised pieces originally produced using a looper and later re-created and re-tracked in studio. The basis behind the record was to produce everything on the one guitar. That was the creative constraint and I felt it would be cool to see how far I could stretch those stubborn nylon strings. Synth like sounds, percussive beats, bass, pad like ambience and everything weird was created on the guitar with a bunch of analog effect pedals and various mic settings and placements to pick up all the organic goodness of body, strings, fretboard and nut. Some pieces are multi layered and cross over into each other as a new movements. Other pieces are more stripped back, performed solo or with less effects. The EP is intended to be played start to finish as a journey of sorts. A story shared from heart and mind, finger to string. Hope you enjoy this Guitared album that's a little different, at times raw, at times spacey.

Daniel Amalm