Creative effects looping - part one.

A cool feature on the Pigtronix Infinity looper is being able to select how long you want the 2nd loop to be. This is a feature I haven't come across in other loopers. With other loopers I've used, the first loop would determine the length of the 2nd loop hence narrowing your possabilites. Once your set your locked in.

However on the Infinity, by selecting the 2nd loop to double the first you can quickly lay down a percussive beat for 2 bars and then switch to the 2nd loop with a progression that will last up to 8 bars (or more) for instance. In this demo I'm using a few select pedals for different layers. 

I use the Electro Harmonix Micro Pog which I found to have the fullest non latent sound thus far. The Neunaber Wet Reverb is as it's names suggests and is perfect for laying down pad like ambience. The Seymour Duncans Vapor trail is a favourite of mine for muted plucking and the pulsing tempo light has worked favourably for me in many darkened DJ booths when playing live with DJs. 

For the harmonic percussive part which sets up this little loop piece, I simply mute the strings on the 7th fret and strike out a rhythm. The kick beat which followers is created by thumping my thumb or fingers down (not to heavily) on the bridge pickup of the guitar. I'm using my go to electro-flamenco guitar Cordoba 55FCE. 

I've presented the demo in two sections. The first video shows the looper and effects. The 2nd video shows the guitar parts.

I'm keen to hear your feedback and any questions you might have, as guitar geeky as you wish, in fact the geekier the better. You can subscribe to my blog by visiting my home page for more creative effects looping demos as I release them.

Happy looping!

Daniel Amalm